The Best Piano Books to Achieve Each Piano Grade

Learning piano can be a cumbersome process without the right tools and tutoring. The piano is a fantastic musical instrument to play, whether in front of a family or a large audience. If you don’t get the right books to guide you on your journey, you might miss the fundamentals.

Just like your chord progressions, learning to play the piano is a step by step process. There are piano songs that you cannot play within your first few weeks because of the technicalities involved, but there are also simple tunes you can get the hang of on your very first day! Check out the best piano songs to play for each knowledge level.

Are you a beginner, intermediate, or advanced grade level pianist? Are you ready to know the piano books that will help your grade? Take a few minutes to check out these beautiful books!

The Best Piano Books to Achieve Each Piano Grade

Piano Books Beginners Can Practice With

Getting to know the best books for you as a beginner can be frustrating because there are so many options online. To help you out, we have curated the best piano books that will teach you the basics. Here are the top-rated ones:

1. Absolute Beginners Piano

Hal Leonard LLC—one of the biggest music publishers—published the Absolute Beginners Piano. This book is excellent and highly recommended for beginners. To facilitate a quick understanding, it uses a lot of pictures to explain musical concepts. The book also comes with a CD in case you learn faster with videos. This book teaches the fundamentals of piano, and it is a must-have.

2. Big Book of Beginner’s Piano Classics

As the name suggests, this is indeed an excellent collection of classical piano music. It features the scripts of renowned pianists like Mozart, Chopin, and Bach. The authors—Bergerac and David Dutcanicz— have simplified the book to grab your attention quickly. If you are searching for a book to skyrocket your beginner grade, the Big Book works magic!

3. The Joy of First Year Piano

Playing the piano is highly beneficial for children. See the benefits of playing the piano for children. For them, piano lessons are an activity that sparks joy, so why not help them boost their enthusiasm with the Joy of First Year Piano? This book explains fundamental piano concepts in an easy-to-understand manner. If you’re a piano tutor, this book will come in handy for you and your students.

4. John Thompson’s Easiest Piano Course

John Thompson has definitely made his mark in the piano world with this book. It is simple to understand and is for just about anyone who’s about to take their first steps into learning piano. The Easiest Piano Course teaches every lesson with humor, simplified characters, and attractive illustrations. Little wonder it is highly recommended by piano tutors.

Best Piano Books for Intermediate-level Players

Once you know that you’ve started with the right steps, the next thing to do is get better. As an intermediate player, these books will help build your experience and dexterity on the keys:

1. WunderKeys Intermediate

Almost all pianists have a copy of WunderKeys. It is such a pack of musical goodies! This book will teach you to play all the genres of music, mostly classical and pop. How beautifully can you play chords and triads? WunderKeys will make you play thrilling chords that will impress anyone.

2. Classics to Modern for Intermediate Players

With 115 popular and traditional piano songs, Classics to Modern is the right package for any intermediate player. Do you love classical music? This book is a must-have. It has fantastic songs of laudable artists and composers globally, and it will ultimately challenge you to explore a diverse music taste and play music scripts you’re not familiar with.

3. The Giant Book of Music

Indeed, the Giant Book of Piano is not for newbies or beginners. It’s just perfect for intermediate players. It contains 32 scripts from world-best musicians and will test your resilience and grit. If you’re looking for some extra push out of your comfort zone, the Giant Book of Music will come in handy.

4. Easy Piano Classics

So far, so good, the Easy Piano Classics is a best-seller for intermediate pianists. With 97 scripts, this book will make you sweep your audience off their feet. It features several top-rated musicians. What’s more? Easy Piano Classics provide instructions and quality notes to make you understand and play the piano wonderfully.

The Best Piano Books for Advanced Pianists

Advanced pianists need to start rehearsing complicated and technical pieces. We have compiled the right books for you:

1. Mozkowski Etudes Op. 72

We recommend Mozkowsi for beginners and even intermediate pianists. There are 15 etudes here. This book will need your quick knowledge of the Circle of Fifths, various inversions, and speed. As an advanced pianist, you should get this.

2. Hanon Finger Exercises Book, 1-3

Indeed, many advanced pianists should have sharpened fingering and skill on the piano. This book provides sequences that you will play throughout the piano, enhancing your musical intelligence and manual dexterity.

3. Jazz Piano Techniques: Exercises, Etudes, and Ideas for Building Chops

Do you love jazz, and love to play jazz? This book is a comprehensive guide into the world of piano jazz music. Of a truth, as you get to read this book, you will discover that it is much technical than you think. However, the technicalities are challenges to help you get better. You’ll shine at it in no time.

4. Mikrokosmos, 1&2

Béla Bartók—who is a renowned musician authored—Mikrokosmos. This book assumes that you already have finesse in sight-reading and manual dexterity. It is noteworthy that this book is not dull; its progressive nature will hold any reader till the end. Its approach and aesthetics will impress you.


The steps to learning piano are in grades, and with the right books, you will improve quickly. The process of becoming a pro-level piano player is not just about getting these books; you also need to practice. Make a timetable for your rehearsals, have piano partners, and, if you’re a beginner, get a piano tutor. In fact, whatever your grade level, there’s always room for some extra guidance. Here at piano bloomers, we give lessons for everyone, wherever you are. Why don’t you give us a try today?