Mind-blowing Benefits of Playing the Piano for Adults

The piano is one musical instrument we all have to love. Listening to melodious piano chord progressions, arpeggios, and performances at the Opera or Cathedrals always leave us with this thrilling love for the perfect world of music.

No one should tell us how beautiful and beneficial playing the piano is; we should experience it ourselves. Age is not a barrier here. There are lots of fantastic benefits we stand to gain—as adults—if we play piano songs. Do you want to know more? Here we go!


Mind-blowing Benefits of Playing the Piano for Adults

Growth in life expectancy and a decrease in fertility rates gives us a huge increase of elderly people throughout the world. Lutz predicted that the statistics of elderly people will rise from 10% to 21.8% by 2050. Meanwhile, this points to the fact that diseases relating to adulthood are already scaling high. Therefore, we will look at the benefits of playing the piano in this regard.

1. Playing the Piano Prevents and Cures Stroke

Of recent, Rodriguez Fornells— a renowned physiotherapist—discovered something profound. A patient recuperating from a stroke saw significant reorganizational changes in his movement after a couple of piano lessons.

Sounds magical, right? Medicine treats stroke with drugs and surgeries, but physiotherapy does not employ any of these invasive measures. Rather, physiotherapy heals with physical techniques and therapy. The notes of the piano are therapeutic, and physiotherapists recommend playing and listening to the piano to help ease the nerves.

2. It Prevents Dementia

Dementia is a progressive decline in the cognitive functions of the brain. At its worst stage, it can result in an outright loss of mind. Engaging the brain by playing the piano reduces accelerated memory decline by 0.18 years.

Research has shown that elderly folks who play piano songs have a lesser likelihood of getting dementia. So far, so good, learning piano is a pretty good template to examine brain plasticity.

3. It Prevents Depression in Adults

There’s a popular notion that young people go through depression the most, but this study has shown that adults are more susceptible to depression. Further research has also shown that piano key notes brace-up moods and reduce the tendencies of depression.

Most adults have experienced various issues of betrayal and unfulfilled goals. These issues, if not properly dealt with, can place a huge strain on our mental and emotional health. Playing the piano can help eliminate this problem. Relax your mind and let the negative energy leave you as you play soulful songs on the piano. Instead of using drugs (like antidepressants) to get rid of worries, start playing the piano. The results will surprise you!

4. Playing the Piano Boosts Cognitive Reserve

Researchers have confirmed that things like career accomplishment, intellectual argument, and leisure activities boost the cognitive reserve. To be specific, activities like learning piano at old age boosts mental capacity.

Learning to play piano songs is a complex activity that engages the major parts of the brain. It engaged the auditory cortex and key brain areas. Mere listening to piano notes enhance the key brain areas that relate to emotional intelligence, attention, memory, and semantic processing.

5. Keeps The Memory Sharp

For you to play the piano well, there must be proper nervous coordination and accuracy. The benefits of what you learn while playing the piano—as an adult—helps you beyond music; it helps you in your day to day activities. When you follow the time signature and play piano notes, your subconscious is being trained not to forget anything.

Adults who play keyboards often use it to engage their brains. The piano sounds prevent inner ear hearing loss and other disorders.

6. It Stimulates Proper Time Management

To gain mastery in piano, the first challenge you might face is meeting rehearsal schedules, as you will need to have proper time management skills. Not only that, following the time signature on the music sheet makes you calm, confident, and organized. You will marvel at the level of time management skill you would have garnered after enrolling to play the piano.

7. It Boots Self-Confidence

Most adult pianists often confess that piano boosts self-confidence. Imagine, after playing famous piano pieces of Beethoven or Maurice Ravel’s Bolero with finesse, there is this new level of confidence you have in yourself and your work.

Some of us adults might have lost our self-esteem because life played tricks on us. However, on the black and white keys, we will rediscover our self-confidence.


The piano has a lot of benefits for adults. It keeps enhances brain performance, helps prevent neurodegeneration, gives a timely and confident lifestyle. As an adult, one musical instrument you will be grateful to learn is the piano. There are mind-blowing benefits for you on the black and white keys.